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Jetcar Performance Craft

Mercedes 4 Seater


THB 1,886.000


Mercedes 4 Seater

Model year








The Jetcar Performance Watercraft is a futuristic concept combining high-speed jet propulsion with a sleek automotive design. This innovative watercraft features a powerful engine combined with a waterjet drive for propulsion, allowing for swift acceleration and impressive speeds on the water. The Jetcar also boasts a streamlined exterior resembling that of a sports car, ensuring both style and performance are prioritized. With its cutting-edge technology and unique design, the Jetcar Performance Watercraft offers a thrilling and exclusive experience for water enthusiasts looking to ride in style.

Don’t be fooled by poorly manufactured copies, the original Jetcar has had years of testing and is only manufactured in Turkey with the final engine install being completed here in our factory in Thailand under the careful eyes of our qualified engineers. We also offer upgrades in sound systems, interior seating, and other components that will lift the Jetcar to an even higher level

Full Specifications

Sports Steering Wheel

Start/Stop Panel

Engine Display

Luxury Interior Seats

Stainless Excelerator Pedal

Cup Holders

Sound System

LED Headand Tail Lights

Battery Box

1500=GHP Bilge Pumps (Automatic)


LOA: 16ft

Beam: 6ft 5in

Draft: 2ft 6in

Weight: 750kg (with engine)

Yamaha 1.8L HO Supercharged Engine

Fuel: 60L