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Meet Paul Hannah, Production Director since 1998

How long have you been producing world class production yachts?
I have been involved in building luxury yachts for over 36 years and have been Production Director with Pearl yachts for more than 20 years.

In the early days of working for Pearl did you have any sense of what the future would hold?
I believe in making the future, with a good team, hard work and a belief in what we do, you need this belief, or you will not succeed in your goals.

Bill Dixon and Kelly Hoppen are demanding designers, always pushing the boundaries. Does that create challenges for you and your team?
Our design team are the best in the business and ensure that every Pearl model has unique selling points and maximises space, this makes production a challenge, but we are used to turning a concept into a reality, this is what I love about production, you are a part of something that has a part of you in it.

What are the production advantages of being an Atelier of yachting?
Producing a limited number of yachts every year guarantees that each one is afforded more care and attention than many of our mass-produced competitors. Our production team are multi skilled, we take the design concepts and manufacture most of the product under our own roof.  This gives us greater control and ensures higher quality.

Do you have a favourite Pearl model and of so why?
They are all my favourites! They are like children, you love them all, each one presents new challenges, but each has a place in your heart.