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DEDICATED DEALERS Chris Carroll – Broker and Partner at Atlantic Yacht & Ship Co

Tell us about Atlantic Yacht and Ship, how have you managed to succeed in the competitive American market?  Our customer-focused approach has earned Atlantic Yacht and Ship respect and an outstanding reputation industry-wide.  We are a team of tenured, dedicated professionals who take our customers’ best interests to heart.  We have cultivated long-lasting relationships, built on trust and reliable service, resulting in a strong, loyal customer base.  Building on that, we listen to our customers and their captains’ input to determine the most suitable vessels for them as well as advise on the best ancillary services for their needs.  We continue to educate ourselves on the most recent innovations and options in the industry to lead our customers in the right direction.  There are always more modern, efficient, and safer designs emerging on the market and it is our job to stay informed.

Why do you think Florida is among the most beloved yachting destinations? Florida has the best climate in the USA for yachting.  The warm, turquoise waters of the Bahamas and the Florida Keys are within easy reach.  Both coasts are lined with luxury marinas, shopping, restaurants, sandy white beaches, and a lively night life.  What’s not to love?

What are some of the characteristics of Pearl Yachts that American buyers get excited about? Customers love the sleek, European design with large windows and retractable roofs.  The open arrangement and neutral tones offer a feeling of space with connection to the natural surroundings.   The entertainment spaces abound on the decks and interior.  Overall, they appreciate the practical use of space and the smooth surfaces and modern lines.  Also, the windows in the lower staterooms into the companionway are genius, making the entire area appear even more expansive than it already is.  Our client test drive on the 80 blew them away with an incredibly smooth ride and a top speed of 34 kts.  Amazing!

How has your sales strategy adapted to the pandemic?  We already had a prominent presence on the internet complete with professional photographs and videos of our listings.  With a modern, optimized website and placement in all the top multiple listing sites, it was easy for potential boat buyers to locate and indulge in our listings.  We participated in virtual boat shows to further strengthen our presence.  All of our yachts were available for virtual tours with our brokers during the pandemic.  When it was safe to do so, Buyers were able to do live tours with social distancing, proper disinfecting, and face masks in use.  With or without social distancing in effect, many people have found yachting to be the perfect way to escape and live life to the fullest.  Our industry is thriving.